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Eric van dooren | Florin Cofar

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Supernatural | 24 - 25 may | Zagreb, Croatia

Take your clinical and emotional dentistry to the next level with dr. Eric Van Dooren and dr. Florin Cofar
— The Supernatural team


Sometimes two worlds collide. Like analog vs digital.

Sometimes two people confront their ideas and views, for something new and beautiful to be born. And sometimes people have to step outside their comfort zone to learn and grow. If you are one of those people, join DNTSTRY: On Tour at Supernatural. Become a part of the experience which will tell a visual, clinical and emotional story of a young and brilliant dentist meeting one of the biggest Titans in dentistry. You gonna find out what was it that brought Florin Cofar and Eric Van Dooren to start their collaboration.

You will discover all the obstacles they had to overcome and the solutions they had to create in order to achieve success and become visionaries that shape the future of dentistry. And the future is digital. You will learn the most important techniques, workflows and protocols to embrace digital dentistry into your practice. You will learn how to reinvent your game and take it to the next level. Stay with us as we unfold their true story of transformation and success.


24 - 25 May | Kaptol Boutique Cinema | Zagbreb, Croatia


Day 1

08.00 uur Registration
09.00 uur Lectures
10.30 uur Coffee break
10.45 uur Lectures
12.30 uur Lunch break
13.30 uur Lectures
15.00 uur Coffee break
15.15 uur Lectures
17.00 uur End
20.00 uur Dinner - Wine bar Bornstein

Day 2

09.00 uur Live surgery
10.30 uur Coffee break
10.45 uur Live surgery
12.30 uur Lunch break
13.30 uur Lectures
15.00 uur Coffee break
15.15 uur Live surgery
17.00 uur End
20.00 uur Supernatural live party - Booze & Blues bar


Main topics

- Understanding and managing the perio-prostho interface and the biologic width.
- Understanding the prosthetic toolset and limitations of the implant system. Choosing the right indication.
- Anatomy of the transmucosal profile
- Soft tissue management as a synergy between surgical procedure and prosthetic design.
- New approaches in Smile Design
- Planning for success - digital strategies that work
- Digital workflow before, during and after the surgery and how is it different compared to traditional/analog approach?
- Provisional restorations. Designing a provisional prior to surgery. Material selection.
- Digital strategies for prosthetics

Live Cases

- Digital workflows before, during and the surgery
- Implant in anterior zone.
- Planning overview and guided surgery
- Open Q&A


€1500,- (excl. 25% VAT à €375,-)
*vervoer en overnachting excl.

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Eric van Dooren | Florin Cofar

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Dr. Eric Van Dooren attended the Katholieke University in Leuven, Belgium, where he received his degree in dentistry in 1982. After the graduation, he opened a private practice in Antwerp, Belgium, limited to periodontics, fixed prosthodontics, and implants. Currently Dr. Van Dooren is a Visiting Professor at University of Liege ( Belgium) and University of Marseille . He is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. In addition, he is a member of the editorial staff of Teamwork (Germany) / PPAD (US) / Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and a member of the Belgian Dental Society. Dr. Van Dooren lectures nationally and internationally, mainly on aesthetics, implants and aesthetic periodontal surgery.

Dr. Florin Cofar attended the University of Victor Babes, Timisoara, where he received his degree in dentistry in 2007. He is a post-graduate of NYU College of Dentistry, and a Harvard Business school attendee. He specialized in esthetic interdisciplinary dentistry, working closely with other respected dentists in the field, such as Christian Coachman, Eric van Dooren, and Paulo Kano. He is an international speaker on dental esthetics, digital dentistry, smile design, having lectured in more than 30 countries, including respected academies like the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Brazilian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is an opinion leader for some of the most respected companies in the field, such as Ivoclar, MIS, DSD, and Planmeca. Known for his videography work in dentistry, he is the author of some of the most popular videos in the dental field. Currently, he is lecturing all around the world and practicing dentistry in his own practice in Timisoara, Romania.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Nova Ves 17, 10000 Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia.

It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain. Zagreb lies at an elevation of approximately 122 m above sea level. The estimated population of the city in 2018 is 810,003. The population of the Zagreb urban agglomeration is about 1.1 million, approximately a quarter of the total population of Croatia.

Zagreb is a city with a rich history dating from the Roman times to the present day. The oldest settlement located in the vicinity of the city was the Roman Andautonia, in today's Ščitarjevo. The name "Zagreb" is recorded in 1134, in reference to the foundation of the settlement at Kaptol in 1094. Zagreb became a free royal town in 1242. n 1851 Zagreb had its first mayor, Janko Kamauf.

Zagreb has special status as a Croatian administrative division and is a consolidated city-county (but separated from Zagreb County), and is administratively subdivided into 17 city districts. Most of them are at a low elevation along the river Sava valley, whereas northern and northeastern city districts, such as Podsljeme and Sesvete districts are situated in the foothills of the Medvednica mountain, making the city's geographical image rather diverse. The city extends over 30 kilometres (19 miles) east-west and around 20 kilometres (12 miles) north-south.

The transport connections, concentration of industry, scientific, and research institutions and industrial tradition underlie its leading economic position in Croatia. Zagreb is the seat of the central government, administrative bodies, and almost all government ministries.

Almost all of the largest Croatian companies, media, and scientific institutions have their headquarters in the city. Zagreb is the most important transport hub in Croatia where Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe meet, making the Zagreb area the centre of the road, rail and air networks of Croatia. It is a city known for its diverse economy, high quality of living, museums, sporting, and entertainment events. Its main branches of economy are high-tech industries and the service sector.